A Brief Introduction to Guangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute

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        the gate of the institute

Guangzhou Children’s Welfare Institute, founded in 1957, is located in Long Yandong Beauty Spot which is near the Long Yandong Forest Park of Tianhe District of Guangzhou City. It covers an area of 59,500 square meters with a total construction area of 32,000 square meters. The whole institution has 1000 beds, mainly responsible for the nursing, medical care, rehabilitation, education and other services for the orphans who have lost both parents without determined foster parents and the abandoned infants and young children (including the mentally or physically disabled children hard to fully recovered and other severely disabled children) in Guangzhou as well as the orphans and disabled youths who have grown up in the institution. The cozy living environment, advanced medical equipment and comprehensive health education facilities provide the orphans and disabled children with superb learning, living and rehabilitation conditions to promote their healthy development.

Sticking to the tenet “All for children, for children’s all”, the institute has been improving their service and standardizing administration, and has brought in the advanced nurturing theory and instruments used for medical treatment, recovery and education. The institute starts medical treatment and recovery through the ways of physical training, language speaking, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and prosthetics. The institute provides good medical treatment, education, vocational and social training to the orphans and disabled children through the ways of early education, pre-school education, conductive education, head start education and vocational training to help them recover their physical function and improve their self-care and laboring ability. Meantime, the institute actively develops a socialized nurturing way of family fostering and youth apartment placement to help the orphans and disabled children go back families and integrate into the society. The institute also actively develops international adoption and has sent 908 children to foreign countries since 1980.

The institute puts different children in different classes according to their ages, health conditions and degrees of disability. By introducing the infant upbringing program and carrying out the nursing program, the institute provides diversified, humanistic and family-oriented nursing services and a full range of life cares, so that the children can enjoy the warmth of family.

The institute obtained various awards that was elected “one of the best ten children welfare agencies” by Social Welfare and Charity Development Department of Ministry of Civil Affairs in October, 2008; was conferred a award of “National Advanced Special Education Organization” by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Disabled Persons’ Federation in April, 2009; was awarded with “Love Dedication Honor” by CCAA in October, 2009.





        children's building of the institute



        children's reading room




        the amusement park




        Children are receiving the recovery training.




        The doctor is giving the treatment to the child.




        Children are having class.







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