Translation Service:


Business Function: Entrusted by China Center of Adoption Affairs, we provide adoption documents translation service for applicants in 17 countries which have built transnational adoption cooperation with China.


1.      To provide translation service of adoption application documents for foreign applicants.

2.      To provide translation service of children’s post placement reports for foreign applicants.

3.      To provide translation service of medical examination table and growth report (and so on) of adopted children for foreign applicants.

4.      To provide other types of written translation and oral interpretation service.


After ten years’ development, Bridge of Love Adoption Services has had a translation group with excellent profession and strong ability, and it covers Belgian, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and so on. Translation quality inspection center is set inside, and after the documents are translated, they are checked according to ISO Translation Quality System, and National Translation Quality Standard of China. For many years, Translation Department has wined a good reputation for Bridge of Love Adoption Services with accurate, good-quality, and efficient services. In 2006, Translation Department of Bridge of Love Adoption Services was awarded the honored title “Distinguished Female Professionals” by All-China Women’s Federation.

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